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October 2016 I would like to tell everyone about my experience on getting insurance through Carey Morrison and how wonderful he is. Carey started working with me and my husband about 2 weeks ago and we both have coverage now. Carey has done an awesome job with the way he handled everything and also explained things to each of us to our understanding. There really should be more people like him. So Carey I have already told you how I felt and again words can’t explain how grateful and appreciative me and my husband are. Thank you again so very much! Kathy B.
September 2016 Carey arrived at my home today on time and and immediately began the medicare education process with me. Before he arrived I was totally clueless about medicare or supplemental insurance co. By the time he left I was so very relieved he did everything that needed to be done and I actually understood medicare so much better. If you need help in your medicare process give Carey a call he is truly amazing.I recommend this company highly. Thank you Carey because of you their will be no medicare nightmares tonight. I would without a doubt give Carey a 5 star rating. Sarah E.
August 2016 Dealing with Carey was a wonderful experience. I knew little to nothing about Medicare insurance but he came to my home and took his time and explained everything to me in detail . I would highly recommend his services. Veronica I.
August 2016 Carey came to our home yesterday and helped us through the Medicare process. So many things we didn’t know and now feel educated on the process. It was a pleasure meeting him. Looking forward to doing business with him. Donna L.
August 2016 Carey was incredible with helping my husband with his Medicare.! Teresa R.
January 2015 January 22nd 2015 – CMA Insurance Services has been selected for the 2015 Pennsylvania Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Commerce & Trade Research Institute (USCTRI).
May 2014 RE: CMA Insurance Services receives 2013 Pennsylvania Excellence Award Congratulations Carey! That’s great to hear and well deserved. I know we’re thankful to be a client of CMA Insurance Services. Best regards, Kae
May 2014 RE: CMA Insurance Services receives 2013 Pennsylvania Excellence Award Carey, Congratulations! We are so pleased and happy for you and your company. This would not have been possible without your dedication and attention to your clients. If you are ever in the Ellicott City area, please stop in and see us. Kay
April 2014 I am writing to you today to provide a recommendation for Carey Morrison of CMA Insurance Services. Carey has been our health insurance broker for the last year and has provided excellent customer service to our small group.  In the past, we have found that our small group size of 5 – 8 enrollments was difficult to get much interest from insurance representatives, but Carey spent time with us assessing our group needs and offered multiple solutions for them.  He is always willing to answer questions and is very knowledgeable about the new healthcare laws and the continuing changes in the health insurance marketplace. We recently had a complex issue with our insurance provider and Carey stepped in and dealt with the issue for us, resulting in a very positive outcome that we would not have achieved without him. I would not hesitate to recommend Carey and his firm to any small group looking for attentive, professional service. Laurie
April 2014 This letter is to serve as a testimonial for Carey Morrison and CMA Insurance Services.  Carey has been partnering with URL Insurance Group for 3 years.  He is not only a great producer but he is well versed in many types of disciplines.  For example, Carey has worked with Individuals & Families to help them obtain health insurance and/or Medicare products if they are eligible.  He also has worked with many employer groups of all sizes and has assisted them in maneuvering through the Health Care Insurance PPACA Law better known as the Affordable Care Act.  He also works with Individuals and Groups to provide income security through Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, etc.  He does it all! Since joining URL, he has consistently performed as a top producer.  During this time, he has also kept himself informed, certified and educated in the PPACA Law and the affect the law may have on his clients.  As you may know, this Law is ever-changing and can be quite confusing.  Carey has found a way to educate and protect his clients while all along keeping his clients’ budgets and unique needs in mind. In my opinion, Carey/CMA Insurance Services is the right choice for your group.  I’m confident that he will prove himself as a valuable resource to yourself and your employees as well……and will without a doubt do all of this with integrity and honesty. Deb
Dec 2013 Hooray!!!  Thank you so very, very much for securing this coverage for my mom!!  A wonderful Christmas gift for sure!! A merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours, Angela
November 2013 Carey, My heartfelt thanks for your faithfulness to your word when you told me on the phone that you would take care of my mother!!  She has back her peace of mind! Thank you for all your time and effort and for your assistant’s time and effort on my mom’s behalf. Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours, Sue
Carey, Good Afternoon! So sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. First off we really appreciated you coming to our home and going over everything with us. We are pleased with everything, signed up with Medicare Part D for both of us yesterday. You were right, it took about 25 minutes for me, lesser time for Walter, because he let me talk for Walter. Relief is the best word to describe how we feel, thanks in big part to you. I could still kick myself for not taking out the other parts of Medicare, back when we could. Oh well not looking back, that will get me absolutely no where. I look at it this way, we might not have meant you and I feel the good Lord had a part in everything. Hope you didn’t have any problems the other night going home. You and your wife have a great weekend. Betty & Walter PS – You really do know your STUFF!
July 2013 Dear Carey, Just a quick note of thanks for all you have done for my company when it came to putting a benefits package together for all our employees.  You came in and met with myself and my partner, reviewed our current set of benefits and outlined your plan to save money and improve our group health plan.  You went right to work for us and you accomplished everything you said you would do.  You educated us on healthcare reform and made sure that we would be compliant.  My partner and I were so elated when you asked if you could hold a meeting with the employees and their spouses to explain how healthcare works and how their plan works. They still keep talking about you!  We used to work with a larger brokerage firm and never got the level of service or commitment we have seen from your company.  The employees love that they can call your company if they have a questions. You have gone well beyond the service level of our previous broker.  We never heard from our previous broker and it was difficult for us to get them to return calls.  What we have learned is bigger is not always better.  From everyone at our company we thank you for everything you have done for us and look forward to a long relationship with CMA Insurance Services. Regards J.C. Stanwick President
June 2013 Dear Carey, I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of material to read and absorb. It was such a relief to have you explain in a simple way the different plan options and help me decide on the very best coverage for me. Thank you so much Carey! Warmest Regards…Susan H
May 2013 Carey Morrison has been extremely helpful in helping us to manage our health care costs. He stays up to date on the most current trends and helped us through a transition this year that benefited our employees while actually reducing our health care costs. He is very helpful in answering the day-to-day questions and paperwork that are generated by our employees. He is “hands on” when it comes to problem solving and is always available to work one-on-one with the partners and employees. We rely on his expertise to keep us in the plan that works the best for our company …and that makes my job easier! JC. Landis President Landis Logistics
February 2013 To Whom It May Concern: Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Carey Morrison of CMA Insurance Services regarding obtaining health insurance for the township employees. Carey personally came to the township office to retrieve all the pertinent information. He was in frequent contact with me to give progress reports. He worked diligently to find a company that gave us better coverage at a lower deductible and at the same time a substantial savings. I highly recommend Carey and his company for your insurance Needs. Sincerely, CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP
January 2013 Dear Carey, I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of material to read and absorb when it came to renewing our group insurance. It was such a relief to have you come in and explain the compliance regulations of the new federal health bill in a simple way. You explained all the options for our employees and helped us decide on the best coverage to meet the needs of the employees and the budget of our company. Sincerely, James F
December 2012 Dear Carey, Being the vice president of small busy communications company, I don’t have the time to monitor the constant changes in the health insurance industry and all the new regulations that come with it. Your knowledge of the industry, regulations, and constant changes is refreshing as it allows me to focus on running the company. With CMA Insurance Services representing our company I don’t worry. We are thankful for your service and knowledge. Regards, Richard H
March 2012 Dear Carey, I have been meaning to write you a note of thanks for the last several weeks and am just getting around to it.  My wife was diagnosed in December with Cancer and has been going through treatments.  She has been unable to work and the loss of income has put a strain on our family.  I am happy to say that we just received our first disability check from the Disability Income Policy we took out with you last summer. I am so glad that you suggested that we take the retro-active rider on the plan as it paid us all the way back to December and made up for that elimination period.  This has allowed us to focus on her continued treatment and getting her well while not worry about our finances.   Thank you for what you did for our family and thank you for the prayers you have sent our way. Kind Regards…J Evans
February 2012 Dear Carey, As you are aware my husband recently had a heart attack and I found myself in a panic and unsure of what the future held for us.  He was hospitalized and unable to work.  We had no short term or long term disability and our financial future was uncertain.  I was in great despair when I called you about Richard’s heart attack.  You were so kind and compassionate to our situation.  It was during this call that you reminded me that we had a Critical Illness Plan in place that both Richard and I had completely forgotten about. We are so blessed and grateful that you came into our lives last year and suggested the Critical Illness policy for us.  It financially saved our lives while Richard was on the mend.  No, you Carey financially saved our lives by suggesting the Critical Illness policy. Thank you so very much and God Bless You. M. Lilly
February 2012 Dear Carey, We were so grateful that your were referred to our company.  My partners and I knew we liked you right from the start.  You asked what are goal was when it came to our company benefits and went right to work for us.  We still can’t believe that you were able to drive over $10,000 in savings into our benefits program while providing a better set of benefits for our employees.  We look forward to you reviewing our group life insurance as well as our short and long term disability policy.  We appreciate your professionalism and the knowledge you brought to our company. Sincerely, Ray
December 2011 Dear Carey, As you knew prior to meeting me I am  a senior recently widowed on a fixed income and had great concerns on how I was going to afford my medical costs.  I wanted to let you know that my friend Jane who was here when you came over and I were very impressed with how you handled my situation. As you are aware Medicare can be very confusing. You reviewed my current policy slowly and carefully and brought to light on ways I could save money without compromising my benefits. You explained everything simply and carefully and made sure I understood everything even when I asked the same question over several times.  I was so thankful that you included Jane in the discussion as she helps me with my bills and now she has a better understanding of Medicare.  Thank you again for all you did for me. Sincerely, Scarlett
November 2011 Dear Carey, When we decided to open up our own company we knew that we would need several types of insurance from health, life, disability, and dental.  You came in, and listened patiently to our concerns and needs.  You showed compassion and care when it came to our concerns and made us feel very comfortable going through the process of getting our insurances in place.  We were so pleasantly surprised how smoothly you made the process and we are grateful that you were able to meet the budget that we had set for our insurances. We found your honesty and knowledge refreshing.  We are so thankful and feel blessed at having your company as our insurance agency. Warm regards, Helen
October 2011 I have a GAP Plus plan for my family of 4. Both my daughter and I got sick on Friday night. I knew about the CallMD but had not yet tried it. On Saturday morning neither one of us felt like even moving. At that point, I decided I would give it a try, especially since I knew the first 3 calls were free. First, we spoke to a registered nurse. That call took approximately 10 minutes as she was getting both of our medical history. She then stated that she would have a doctor in our state call us back within 3 hours. To my surprise, a doctor called me back 45 minutes later. She talked with both myself and my daughter about our symptoms and diagnosed us with the Flu. She gave me step by step instructions on a few home remedies to make us feel better and called in a prescription for each of us. I sent my husband to go and pick them up, which only cost $4 each. By Monday, my daughter was at school and I was at work feeling great! Then on Monday evening as I was driving home, I received a call from the nurse I initially spoke with. She just wanted to make sure that we were feeling better and that the medication had been helpful. I told her that we were great but now my husband and son had gotten it. She immediately offered to have a doctor call back and consult with them. So, for a family of 4, sick with the Flu, I only spent $16 to get everyone better!!! Just this experience alone saved me approximately $300 just in doctor office visits! Thank you so much for making the GAP Plus available!!! Lisa L
October 5, 2011 “Thanks for recommending the GAP Plus Plan for us. It sure did come into play when I hurt my back in a lawn mower accident. I was taken to the ER in an ambulance, all the time worrying. Then I remembered that the GAP Plus Plan covered the whole family! They paid my claim within a week of receiving all the receipts! And the claims representative told me that the claim was good for any additional expenses (like physical therapy) that are incurred for the same injury – up to $5000 of course. Wow! I can testify to the power of that little $40 / month product – worth its weight in GOLD! The $3,000 check they sent was a Godsend.” Deb. N
August 19, 2011 Insurance is a beast & can be self defeating when trying to figure it out, so people are lucky to find you because they know you truly are looking out for their best interests. Not many people do that these days, especially in businesses. Niki
August 10, 2011 Hey Carey… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN! I think you know just how happy we are to have this health insurance concern behind us, and now be with Coventry. We could not have done this without your knowledge and expertise of the insurance industry. Now that we have our cards, I feel that it’s finally real. Fondly, Jane (Reds & Erik)
July 21, 2011 Greetings Carey – As I write to you today I am still amazed you were able to find us affordable Health Insurance with a reputable company. When you called Tuesday to share that Aetna had accepted us I was tongue tied. Needless to say you are a man of your word. When we originally sat down to talk about health insurance almost 18 months ago, it seemed like it would be a pretty easy transaction of applying, sending in the application and completing the transaction. Although, as we all found out, my pre-existing condition is one that most carriers choose not to embrace. Through your tenacity, endurance, and desire to serve, you accomplished your task and we are grateful. Carey, I am happy to sing you praises of your resilience to when the moments get tough, you go to work. You are a person of your word. You work hard for client, as if they were your family. And you always follow through. Please feel free to share my letter with those you desire as I close as your number one raving fan! Gratefully, Lori
March 28, 2011 Carey, Just a note to say, “thank you so very much,” for helping me with my quest for health insurance. It has not been easy to acquire individual coverage but you have been steadfast in your due diligence. You have had my best interest at heart and not my wallet. You have been there every step of the way, dealing with the initial application and appeal process with three very different companies. Your professionalism dealing with me and also dealing with the insurance companies, on my behalf, has helped me through this arduous process. Your knowledge of the insurance industry, your commitment to your client and your professionalism in tackling the minutia of procedures and paperwork is refreshing. When the door closed, you were the opened window that helped me get insurance. I could not have done this on my own. Thank you just isn’t enough. I appreciate everything you have done for me and it’s a true feeling of relief that if I have any questions or problems in the future you will be there to help me. I will always recommend you to my friends and acquaintances for their individual insurance needs. Sincerely, Deborah P.
January 2, 2011 Dear Carey, We received our new health insurance cards in December 2010 and we want to thank you for helping with our health insurance needs. As you know, we are seniors and with all the changes in the insurance plans LeRoy and I were having a difficult time understanding and making a decision. Carey, you went out of your way to answer all our questions and explain the policy to us. Also, we appreciated all your visits to our home to see if we were doing ok and if we had any questions. We will be referring your name to our family and friends. Again we want to thank you for your kindness, understanding and your concern in helping us with the health insurance. Yours truly, Regina J.
June 30, 2010 Dear Carey, Carey, I must say, since I have gotten to know you over these past few months, you have completely changed the way I look at health insurance salesmen. I’m sure you don’t like that term — salesmen. And I don’t really look at you as a salesman, but I’ll use that term for lack of a better one. Actually, you are a dear friend who is concerned about my healthcare, or lack of right now. You are one of the most passionate health insurance salesmen I have ever met. I really feel it an honor to know you, and what you stand for. Wow, every person should have someone who cares about their healthcare coverage as much as you do! I have watched and listened to you each week in our network group warn us about what is coming with the new healthcare bill. I have even watched you let it affect your own health trying to keep up with and help everyone who calls you. It really is a true hone to know you and have you as a friend. If everyone put themselves on the line helping each other the way you do, the world would be a much better place. Thanks again for all your help. As soon as I can get on my own, I will have you find me, and the children, a better policy than the one we are stuck with right now. Warmest regards, Audrey G.
June 4, 2010 Dear Carey, Please allow me to take this opportunity to personally thank you for meeting with and taking care of the needs of Judith. Your professionalism, knowledge of your industry and the promptness with which you responded to Judith was remarkable! When Judith contracted me, she was very concerned about her situation and not sure how to handle it. After my conversation with Judith, I immediately contacted you to see if there was anything you could do to help. And, as I understand it, you reached out to Judith, re-arranged your schedule and met with her that day, at her home, to make sure her concerns and needs were addressed. Judith and her husband were so impressed, they contacted me right after you left their home, and thanked me for providing them with a professional who completely understood their situation, was able to make recommendations as to the best possible solutions and explained the recommendations in a manner that they were able to completely understand. I remember them commenting on how quickly you responded to them, and how your knowledge of your business and your personality made them feel very comfortable and secure in talking with you. It would not surprise me if you receive an invitation to their family reunion! Again, thank you very much, Carey. It is refreshing to know there are still people out there who take pride in their work, and care about what they do and the people they serve. I have no doubt I will be referring your name to others who I believe can benefit from your services. Sincerely, Kimberly
April 30, 2010 Good Afternoon Carey – Thank you for your follow-up and your investment of time and energy to support us in finding health insurance to fulfill our needs. Your professionalism and incredible integrity have made working with you a pleasure and a wonderful experience. Based on your e-mail though I believe we need to travel another direction. The month premium of $435.00 per month does not fit our budget. With all this said Carey, I am happy and willing to refer you to those who are in need of personal health insurance and will direct their pathway to you. If you have anyone who would like to speak on your behalf as a referral, please count Patrick and me as your ‘Fan Club’ and we will be more than happy to support you in your business. Thank you does not seem to say enough for the appreciation we feel for your support. May God continue to guide your footsteps as you serve others in a way that brings glory to the Kingdom. Grateful to and for you, Lori K.
February 11, 2010 Hi Carey, I am just writing to say, “thanks so much,” for helping my dear friends and clients Marme, Mary and Gina. They all mentioned you in conversation, how friendly and down to earth you were, that you put them at ease and helped them understand the ins and outs of a potentially stressful and costly decision about their health insurance. As their friend, I appreciate your caring, honest and professional approach. As a professional myself, I am glad to have you as a trusted resource for my clients in an area I am neither educated nor qualified to guide them. My reputation, service standards and client relationships are extremely valuable to me! I am grateful for the select few professionals I refer to, including you, who treat my clients as well as I expect them to be treated in my own office. Your professionalism helps me deepen relationships, as my clients’ trust in me grows through positive experiences with those I introduce them to. I know you don’t always find that you have the best solution for every client’s particular insurance needs, but I am glad they have you as a sounding board in those difficult cases, as well. Thanks again for all you’ve done for my clients, my friends and me. Warm regards, Michelle
August 06, 2009 Carey, I want to thank you again for meeting with me this morning regarding our health insurance needs. I really appreciate the time you took to explain everything to me in great detail and being patient with me when I asked (interrupted you) with questions. You are great in what you do, I couldn’t ask for a more patient and understanding person. Many times I get overwhelmed with insurances because I just don’t understand, but you spent the extra time with me and made sure I understood everything completely and that means the world to me. Thank you again! Cheryl